Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Games People Play

Ok so Tyler has come up with a game and I think I will play along, besides it gives me something to post about. The rules appear to be simple take a picture of where you blog from and post it then tag a some people to post a picture of the desk, area or even room where they blog from.

I tend to use a laptop when I do the actual posting and even though I have a desktop I rarely use it for much of anything but work. This desk is just a corner of a bedroom that is empty in my condo, its really just a couple of tables pushed together in a corner, but it’s like a little office space and if you send me a fax the machine on the left is where I would get it. And I have a comfy chair to use. And I could be neater but the cleaning lady hasn’t come this week, well she never does in fact.

If you blow up the second picture you really won’t see much there’s a memory sick in the desktop but no porn in it, there is a calculator I’ve had for over 20 years on the desk, a couple of law books and not much else though and thanks to the low quality of the blackberry camera it stops you from seeing anything with a name on it

And sometimes for a change of pace I use this desk its in my family room I guess you could call it, I think that is what a real estate agent would call the room, its just another area of the condo to store some books and sit and read your blogs

Ok so part of the game is to tag some others and keep the game rolling so I would like to tag Landyn, Jonathan, Ryan, Cian and Jayson, you don’t have to play the game but it would be nice if you did :)

Take care and be safe, thanks for reading


Monday, June 22, 2009

WTF My Car Was Stolen

Well it’s been two weeks almost since I have spoken to you all, oh and I will get to the car thing in a minute, but let’s recap the last few days. I believe it was the day I last posted I got my first gay hater on MSN, maybe I will post some of that convo. The day after the ball game I flew to Florida, on Jet Blue, the airline with the TVs in every head rest. The flight was good and uneventful. My dad lives in Florida for about ten months a year and then spends a couple of months up in New England. I flew down to drive a car home for him as he fell a couple of months ago and broke a few vertebrae. He is healing well but not enough for the 1500 mile drive home.

When I got home I became involved some blog land drama, had a good week in court and then I made a mistake and lost the trust of a friend, I had a momentary lapse of reasoning for which I will never forget what it cost me. But moving on … i would like to thank Steve for being my newest follower, he has been around for a long while and writes a nice blog I hope you all have some time to check his blog out.

So while I was in Florida, I had lunch with a friend and diner with another one and ate this meal

and I spent some time on this beach

And I got drunk one night in St. Petersburg near John’s Pass. Then I headed home. Driving in the south of this country is a lot better than the north and for one reason the speed limit is legally 70 mph thus you know the cops will allow you to go 80 mph. For another there are generally less people on the roads also which makes it easy to travel fast, but the worst thing about the south is there is no dunkin donuts my favorite place to get coffee. I made it to Virginia driving almost nine hundred miles on the first day. Taking plenty of breaks as advised by Jake Anon. The following day it took just as long to go the rest of the way home mostly due to two hours of traffic in the New York City area, where I stopped to have dinner with a friend.

Got home and went to court twice last week and won both cases, well in one the other side didn’t show, so you just get a default judgment making my life a bit easier, but i really had a good work week.

This weekend though something happened which caused me to react in almost a violent manner. Like many of you I have some issues in my life which I constantly fight and try to control. One of them is when I am provoked or defending a friend I care about I can become someone else and really not someone you want to deal with, for when I was young I was taught to hit someone so they never stand up again. Dad was a marine and believed if you are going to fight then don’t lose. I did something which I believed was right but I have come to learn that no matter the justification I was wrong for hurting my friend and betraying his confidences. I have been forgiven but our friendship may never be the same and for that I am deeply sorry my friend I broke your trust.

Oh yea my car, so I go to get ready to go to lunch with Bob today and I walk out and my car is not there. I go into panic mode, check the whole parking lot (I work with practical jokers who would move my car) but I knew I had the keys all morning. I called my friend Officer Burke and start to tell him my cars' been stolen when I remember, this morning I drove across the street to get muffins and walked back to the office. I normally walk there but it was raining a bit this morning and when I came out of the store it had stopped so I walked back forgetting my car in the parking lot. How foolish I felt lol, but my car was there safe and sound.

Thanks for reading, Take care and be safe


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing With Balls

I really enjoyed sports growing up and I have played a lot of them. I have also attended a lot of them over the years. I think without playing sports I would have lost it when I was younger. I don’t really have a clear memory of my first red sox game but I know I went there often as a child as both my parents enjoyed baseball. In their time it was America’s game. Most of games were played during the day and ball players often held second jobs to make ends meet. You could attend a game back in their day fo a couple of dollars and get a good seat for you money too.

Today’s game as I am sure with most major sports around the world are all about the money, with players making millions of dollars a year. Baseball in the states is played by about thirty teams in two leagues the American and National leagues. A winner of the pennant from each league plays in what we call the World Series a 7 game playoff. Boston has recently been the World Series Camp in 2004 and 2007.

But the cost of baseball is transferred to its fans with seats starting at $23.00 dollars to sit in the bleachers to $350.00 dollars to sit along the infield wall. Those player’s salaries also translates into $7.25 beers, $4.50 hotdogs, $4.00 for peanuts and popcorn. It’s a shame what money has done to sports with these athletes taking dugs to improve their performance and to earn even more millions

But still I grew up playing sports and Boston is blessed with some of the best teams in sports right now. Baseball in Boston is played at Fenway Park originally built in 1912 and seats about 35K. It’s small in comparison to many newer parks and has some Unique design features like the Green Monster a 37” high wall preventing balls from going out of the park
I share same season tickets with some friends and these are a few views from my seat

And oh yea we beat the dreaded New York Yankees 6-5 last night

Whose beer is this anyways and my knee

I would like to say hello to some new followers, Mark, a 27 year old from the US and another Massachusetts blogger yea, Almishboii007, he is a 21 year form the UK, Cash, he is 23 year old from the US, Mike from Rays Blog and Mingyu who I couldn’t find a blog for but if you have one please let me know. And I have one new blog to plug today and its Jimi’s Life, Jimi si a 17 year from the US. If you have some time please give them all a look.

I really appreciate all of you who follow and read my thoughts. So i would like to know what events sporting or otherwise do you like to attend.
take care and be safe

Monday, June 8, 2009

Please A Moment For RJ

This isn’t the post I have been trying to write and frankly I am hoping you have the time to give a little support tonight to a couple of our friends. It’s been a tough couple of weeks in Blog land. I am sad to say the news I have to share tonight is not getting any better and isn’t going to make any one happy.

A relatively new blogger RJ, chipsnfiascos blog, who I just met not two weeks ago has been struck by a car and is in serious condition. RJ is a 16 year old from New York who love tennis and is pretty good player. Yet again a real life friend of a blogger has gone out of his way to enter our world to let us know about our new friend RJ, who he knows in real life as Ryan. Cole his friend has created a blog and the full story is here, be prepared its not pretty. Cole has updated Nick and we do is is in serious condition awaiting surgery as I post. Cole does know Rj is bi and we do RJ told him about some of us, one in particular and another new blogger, Nick.

Nick and RJ have become good friends and well you probably have a guess of how Nick is feeling. I rarely ask much of others but if you have a moment please say prayer because folks I understand RJ may not make through the surgery. Maybe send Nick an email or say hello to him as i know he needs a little support right now.

As soon as any news reaches is known I am sure Cole, Nick or I will update everyone. I also ask if you have a moment to visit his friend Cole’s blog there is an email there and maybe send RJ some flowers, please remember to be sensitive to what we don't know. Peter showed us how to do this before for a friend in the hospital before, so if you have a minute I am sure Cole will deliver them at the right time.

You can steal the flowers from this post or find your own. I am borrowing them from AgentK. Thanks everyone for reading and especially for those who have the time to wish RJ good health and Nick some support during this very tough time on their young lives

Take care and be safe, God watch over our friend RJ tonight