Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks, gooble gooble

First of all sorry I have been gone so long. I have been back from vacation in Florida for weeks now and well I wont bore you with the excuses but basically work, a little flu, a little need of a break, some upsetting news and family issues have kept me partially away.

Today many of you may know it Thanksgiving in the States and it’s a holiday that I enjoy. I like to give thanks today for several things but mostly for you people out there who follow me or read this blog or write their own. During my trip I was fortunate enough to share some time with Dan who writes Go Left At The Fork, Dodger who writes A Nexus , Seth who writes Sethboyardee and Scotty who writes Endless Waltz . I also had the chance to meet with Shane who writes I just want to be me again as he was facing some tough times. Meeting you all whether in person, online or through your blogs has been a wonderful experience

I know I haven’t read or commented as much as I used too and for that I’m sorry because I do love these blogs and what I have learned from them. You all have inspired me to make some changes in my life and over the next year I’m going to make them. I want to relocate and start anew. I want to find a job and a place to live where I can try to be me as I was born not the person I have pretended to be. I just hope I find the strength to make it work, but what excuses can I really have anymore.

So I hope you are still reading and will be there with me as I embark on this journey. I’m focusing on Florida right now and over the holidays I plan on meeting with a head hunter as jobs are not as prevalent as they once were. I don’t know if I want to try and recreate a private practice in Florida as that takes time and attention I would rather put to finding someone else. Housing is cheap right now as I have been looking at homes and condos and I just want to find some little place near or on a golf course if anyone knows of anywhere there is a nice property for sale :). In some ways I want to simplify my life and try to enjoy some things I have never had or experienced.

I would also like to thank my new followers Mikey who writes a Gay Hockey Kids Life, Mike who doesn’t appear to have a blog but if you do let me know, Gracjc, who writes I love bananas, Ryan who has two blogs going Ryan’s Portal and The Gay Onion, and finally Ben who writes Sorry Girls I’m Gay. Kind of a catchy title lol

So as I get ready to go visit with my family I say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my online family. I hope everyone enjoys the day and for those who live outside of the US I hope you had a nice day too.

Thanks for reading, take care and be safe