Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prop Eight Has Been Finished

Today the Prop Eight trial in California came to a close.

US Supreme Court has stated that: "Marriage is a right which extends fundamentally to all persons, whether they're capable of producing children, incarcerated or behind in their child-support payments," The California Supreme Court has said that California Constitution does not prohibit or describe who may be married. Yet the wisdom of learned judges wasn’t enough for the for the people of California and after a hate filled campaign they narrowly voted to changed the California Constitution to limit the definition of marriage.Into this quandary came Ted Olsen and David Boise who thought that all people should be treated equally in this country. And while some of you may recognize Mr. Boise as the attorney who represented Al gore in Bush v. Gore, many of you maybe surprised to know that Ted Olsen a leading Conservative, the defender of Bush, is supporting our rights the rights of all Americans.

The case is before Judge Walker who is reported to be openly gay, and who will hopefully reach a decision soon. Which ever way he rules it is sure to be appealed to the United States Supreme Court and even though it’s a conservative court I do not believe it can reach any other decision than our 14th amendment to the constitution requires all people are treated equally in every way.

The opponents of fairness and freedom went out fighting today. Charles Cooper, lead lawyer for the people supporting the ban on gay marriage, maintained that society is entitled to reserve its approval of marriage for those who can naturally conceive children. "The marital relationship is fundamental to the existence and survival of the race," Cooper said in closing arguments before a packed San Francisco courtroom. The reason the state regulates marriage, he said, is to steer "procreative sexual relationships" into a stable family environment so that children can be raised by their biological parents.

Personally I don’t have a problem with married people procreating or stable family environments , its just I believe Mr. Cooper better let all infertile woman know they can never be married, and I would like to know, does he suggest divorce for those couples whose children may have died an unfortunate earlier death. Marriage like most things is defined by those who are in it not by those who wish to limit it.

Mr. Cooper also said California has provided equal treatment for all couples in its domestic-partner laws. But even a discriminatory marriage law would be valid, Cooper said, because the U.S. Constitution offers no special protection to gays and lesbians and "we don't have to submit evidence" to justify treating them differently.

Mr. Cooper is also right that our constitution doesn’t give GLBT people special protection; rather it offers us and all Americans equal protection. And Mr. Cooper and those who pay and support him that all we want is equal protection.

Thanks for reading take care and be safe