Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Here's the Deal

I have been gone it seems a long time but really I have just been lost in my world out there again, people can be such assholes when there is money on the table, if you weren't aware of that. Been working on a cse that just doesn"t pass the smell test with most people.

A few months ago a good friend introduced me to a client, they coach some youth sports together and I quickly learned that his father had died. It seems that a few years ago his father inherited a bit of money and the woman he was living with before he died has it all.

She had lived with his dad for 20 years or so and was the reason his parents divorced in the first place, but she decided to keep all the money save 20K she gave each son and was content to leave it that way.

Okay so there is a Will by the way and it does leave her 60% of the Estate and 40% going to my clients (the other son is my client also). Their dad drafted the Will a couple of years ago right after he inherited the monies. To cut to the chase my client's deserve about 100K a piece. A trial scheduled in less than ten days and tomorrow I am taking a deposition of this nice old lady she is over sixty but twenty years younger than my client’s father.

She got control of the funds in the last two weeks of his life when she was added as a joint account holder. He was dying of cancer and of course he paid all the bills. Did I mention she was in such a rush to get the monies she actually tried to have the priest administering last rights marry her and their dad, before he passed. She was added according to my client's so she could continue to pay those expenses.

Now I don’t want to disparage this kind old woman but tomorrow I have to ask her some questions and find out why she would betray the wishes of a man she claimed to love. She was appointed the executor of the estate by their father and that is what we are trying to prevent.

We want a court ordered Administrator who will reclaim the monies she has converted from the Estate. I know I sound confident but the Court has already order the nice old lady to freeze all of these funds. And the Judge wouldn’t have done that without reason; in fact the judge suggested settling before a trial occurred. So this and some other work is what has been keeping me from the blogs too much lately.

Lost another relative since my last post, some what more distant to me but as always a funeral is a sad place to be. Sadness was also brought to me by the Jake Anon discontinuing his blogging, and I had just got the dam link fixed. Jake Anon has been a good friend to me and I wish him well down under.

And if you are wondering if I represented the little old lady, yea I could do that but it would be a settlement negotiation trying to get the boys to take less than their share based on some theory and stalling, I know I'm not always proud of what I do, but I would never go to trial with her position.

Let me know if you think my clients deserve what their father left in them in the Will or not.

Ok and I have to thank all my new followers James, who has been around for a long time and whose blog I enjoy greatly, Callen, he is a fairly new blogger so give him some support and if you can, Stanley, a young guy from cali who is taking a break but hey a few new followers and who knows, Shane, he is just starting out here in life and the blogging world and he is a real nice guy who just graduated college , WKBoy714, is a young UK blogger, who is also a new, he has a name but you need to talk to him on MSN to get it.

I would also like to introduce yo all to a few new bloggers I have linked

Jason, another young guy from Cali whose blog is Carwin’s Closet

Tyler, a young Canadian is Another Cog in the Murder Machine

I will try to post more regularly after tomorrow, all my work is nearly done for the trial so I can even make some comments again :).

Thanks for reading, take care and be safe



  1. Take the granny to court. Just cause someone's old doesn't mean they aren't scum. It's not like the woman would be hurting for money anyway.

    Anyway, thanks for the plug! Yay! I'm finally a follower! (took me long enough to get my shit together)

  2. Of course, they deserve what dad left them in the will! On what grounds is she even trying to contest it? "I'm old so I deserve 92% of my late non-husband's and his son's should be happy to get 8% each!"

  3. Just a quick thanks for a mention =)

  4. Bah, people are so ridiculous. :-/ I hope you win over her - even if she gets what she's supposed to, what's she going to do with all that money ANYWAY when she dies?

  5. Yeah, the boys should get what Dad wanted. If we can't trust wills after we are gone, who can we trust? Lawyers? JK! You are a reliable one.

  6. You haven't given us a reason why your clients shouldn't get what the will specifies.

    In a sense nobody "deserves" an inheritance unless the decedent owed it to him legally or morally — for example, an incompetent child or a spouse who would otherwise be destitute. The decedent should take that sort of thing into account when drafting the will.

  7. im not sure if this was implied from the post, or just my mean mind going to work... but is this wife a gold-digger?

    i call mens rae on her! she intented for the man to die so she could scoop up the money! *slams fist on desk in court room* she's a theif!! a theif i say! *english accent* "let her rot behind bars!!!

    ok, i think i went a bit overboard there^^^ XD but meh. i dono if gold-digging is a reason for her to not get the money

    maybe she went and spent tons of money on clothes or something right after getting control of it :O could you then use that to your advantage?

    lol, realisticly though, i would think that if the man requested that X amount of money goes to his sons, then even if he dies and someone else takes charge, his request still stands, and X amount of money goes to the sons.

    hopefully the sons get their fair share. they could buy a lota cute undies with 100k lol jks!

  8. Oh, how embarrassing! And to think my major was Mathematics. The proper nasty quote to attribute to her should be: "I'm old so I deserve 92% of my late non-husband's and his son's should be happy to get 4% each!"

  9. Oh she sounds like a lovely person.... bitch a man she'loved' was dying and all she cared about was the money.

    Is it possible to be a bigger hag?

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd take a moment to say hi. Have seen your comments around the blog world and was going back and reading your archives. That woman just ticked me off. Going through a situation in my life with my grandma and her will at this time. It is going to court. Hits close to home.