Monday, August 16, 2010

Wings of a Dove, I'll miss you my friend AgentK

thank you my friend

(Please see the edit below)

Many of you know i was an adopted as uncle to a young blogger named AgentK. AgentK as i discovered tonight has stopped blogging and i just wanted to thank him for his stories, his laughter and his trust and friendship. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people bloggging here and on MSN and AgentK was one of a kind, an identical twin with a heart of gold. god has blessed you with many talents, i know you will become a succesful person. Its been a few days since your last email and well i thought i would just share a few thoughts with you here in the hopes you may read this:

I know that these last few months were very tough on you and i hope the future is nothing but brightness and good times. I will never forget the laughs we shared and chatting into the wee of the morning. It was a good ride our time together in blog world. I don't know what to say really as i just discovered your blog is gone. Its happened before you make a friend here in blog land and then one day they just disappear and you are left wondering what happened.

I know that you suffered some real life events that have caused you sorrow, a death of a friend, a mum with cancer among the tings u have to deal with, i know it must hurt you and cause someone as loving and caring as you great sorrow. I tried to calm your fears and help you through the nights the terrors came but i know that is not all you suffered from.

Blog land wasn't kind to you. AJ stole away heart on a bed of lies, Lance attempted to take advantage of you when you were in a moment of need, those were just a couple of the demons who lusted for you and im sorry you had to deal with those things, maybe you were right and the Internet is no place for you. recently i know you feel you lost a brother in blog land too as i have not heard from him myself in a while i can't promise you he is well i can only hope and pray.

Blogland wasn't all bad for you as i know how you felt about BB and some others. Ill let them know you cared about them too. No you weren't the first or the last young blogger to be abused in some way, the troubles of DJ and that fake Mikey the hockey player and those he fooled appear all too common, it takes away from the good.

i hope u aren't leaving those who love and care for you for good. When you are Strong enough come talk to us again. You had many people who cared for you here even when you took your blog private you had many caring people follow you and offer you advice and comments. I know they will miss you too.

While i understand your actions my heart is aching. I will survive but i will never forget you my friend and nephew. I was blessed to meet you and still look forward to the day we will meet :)

thank you AgentK for making my life a little happier and better because i had the chance to meet you and become your friend. You know how to reach me if you need anything, take the time you need to heal. but come back my friend when you are able too.

Stay strong and know i will keep you in my thoughts, keep smiling at the world

take care and be safe my nephew



EDIT: I would like to make it clear i am not talking about AJCon when i mentioned AJ above, AJcon was a follower and a friend to AgentK

Ill never for get u my little nephew


  1. Because I don't have my own blog, Bob, I hope you'll allow me to add my own best wishes to Kay and C and all their family here. You've said nearly everything I want to say.

    We miss you Kay, and wish you the very best in life.



  2. Can we just be clear that I wasnt the AJ you were talking about... it was another guy.

    And yea... I'm gonna miss Kay's blog as well...


  3. Bob, like Adi, I don't have a blog, so thank you for making a post about K. I hope it is all right that I also leave a message here for K.

    Kay, like everyone else who followed your blog, I wish you only the very best in life and will miss your blogging greatly. I hope that you'll get through these tough times quickly and with greater strength of character. You are a very special person -- extraordinarily caring and kind hearted, smart and very talented. I have no doubt that whatever path you choose in life, you will do great things, and you deserve only to have great things happen to you. You have touched, and will touch, many peoples lives in a very positive way: as a caring twin bro to C, a bff, a son, an inspiration to your blog followers, a sweet friend to a girl with a terminal illness. I only hope that you can accept the support of your family and friends through this tough time. I wish I could give you a long hug and make the pain go away. It has been an honor getting to know you through your blog. I have been praying for you, and will continue to keep you in my prayers. Take care, AgentK.



  4. Aw, I feel sad I never got to know him, but its a great gesture making this post for him. Hope he gets on well with his life

  5. K, I am so happy that our paths have crossed. I started blogging because of your posts from a long time ago and I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for blogging. Your comment on one of my first posts really made my day/week/year.

    I pray that life will treat you better because I know how much you are suffering. It isn't fair but it's the world we live in. Take care friend.

  6. @Bob - thanks for keeping me posted. I was away in London last week and don't have one of these fancy phones. You have said everything in your post that I would wish to say and you know I share your sadness.

    @Adi & Duff - I know you two cared about Kay too. I shall miss not reading your comments.

    @AJCon - don't worry - even in my limited experience of blogland, I know you're not AJ.

    @Wk - I don't follow many (any!) blogs but I know who you are and even commented just the once on an amazing post you made. I hope that if Kay ever comes back that you will meeet him.

    and finally:

    @Kay - If you ever read this...

    We laughed together. We cried together. You are a very special friend and I hope you are not gone forever.

    I don't know what is going on in your life just now but, like Shane, I am so glad to have met you.

    Thank you Kay


  7. You really should edit this post or, preferably, delete it. AgentK made his blog private, so posting what was going on his life since then is really is beyond the pale. Hopefully, he's not seen this post.

  8. @ Anon i thank you fro reading the post and your concern for AgentK. AgentK made his blog private to simply eliminate some people from his life who had not treated him well. Further a little while before AgentK left us he asked me to speak to his readers and let them know. Of course you couldnt know that but i wonder what parts would you have me edit

    i hope you have a great day


  9. Good to catch you tonight...don't be a stranger...
    Peace <3
    Jay in VA

  10. Bob? It's been a LONG time since hearing from you... I do hope everything is ok?

    Here's to a very happy holiday, please let me know you're allright!


  11. would you happen to know how to get in contact with him now because i havent been able to in a year now

  12. Wow, man, We not only have things in common, I guess I never realized how connected we were through the younger bloggers we try to mentor, help, listen to.

    So many of them come and go. Some leave permanently (such as what I am dealing with now - though D wasn't a blogger).

    I see it's been a long time since you've blogged. Let me know if you want updates on some of the guys mentioned in this post.

    Peace <3