Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

I would just like to say happy birthday to my friend Blake who is year older now and closer to his goal of being free from his surroundings. It been nice getting to know you a bit Blake and I hope your birthday brings you a bit of joy. If any of you have time drop by his blog and wish him happy birthday. Or better yet send him an email his email is on his profile page right here, thanks i know it will make his day.

Blake, stay strong and continue working towards your goal of being free and finally being away from the place you feel trapped. Just a few more years and you can spread your wings and see where life takes you.

I hope you receive some gifts today that make you happy. Enjoy your day as best you can and remember that at least in this corner of the blog world you have some friends and some people who enjoy talking to you.

Blake is just one of several young guys out there whose lives are not full of joy on a day to day basis. He has found a few friends in our community and some of his fears about life have lessened. Blake after his dad passed away a couple of years ago was forced to live in a home with his mother, her boyfriend and his older brother and well none of them treat him to well. He is home schooled and trapped basically in his home.

His life at times makes you appreciate what blessings you may have in your own life just a little more. Blake unfortunate is not the only one having problems out there as i have also heard from Sebastian who wrote Simplicity will no longer be blogging as he was caught online by his parents and his blog has been discovered. Not to worry his parents tell him they love him but they thought they should also alert their church to their sons orientation so that the whole of the church may pray for our friend Sebastian, so that he may be cured. Poor Seb, he sneaks onto to MSN from time to time but he can also receive emails for those of you who followed Seb and may want to send him some support.

I also want to acknowledge another friend of mine out there suffering tonight and that is AgentK, i just hope he feels better soon. It's a tough life we live sometimes being gay, bi, lesbian and transgender but tonight i just wanted to say happy Birthday Blake

Thanks to my new followers I will acknowledge you personally in my next post. Thanks everyone for reading.

Take care and be safe



  1. I second the call to awesome :-)

    I thought of you just tonight when I was cooking a steak with a cab reduction as you suggested.

    Much Love,

  2. WOW geez tell the whol world im messd up. (JKIN) I no just a test 2 see if i actuly take the time 2 read ur blog. SURPRISE...

    i guess its time huh, u no how long ive not followd ppl cause well im kinda shy about that, an always worid the more i spread myslf the easir the more exposd i get, the gr8tr the risk of getin outd. WELL, im pretyy sure almost evry1 now knows UR my UB!


    so check ur follors..cause now im there...
    Rnt u special...well more specil cause as evry1 knows yur a very special part og blogverse an all heart. u give an give endlessly. We r ALL lucky to have met u. Evn me who U PIK ON WAY TOOO MUCH (i realy dont sound like a girl LOL!)


  3. Nice post UB!

    I hope Blake enjoyed your cake.


    PS what is this cab reduction thing?? I LOVE my steak!