Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year is Upon Us

Hey did anyone notice that a couple of guys got married in South America, that did help the year finish on a good note. As a group we made some progress in 2009, and although i know there were still some set backs as far as legalizing marriage here in the states, things overall have gotten better.

For me this has been a good year too, I have met some new friends and really in some ways accepted being gay more than I ever have before. In this upcoming next year i would like to make further personal progress maybe even starting over in a new life in a new city. I am encouraged by the actions of so many of you and the friendship of so many more.

We have a beautiful little community here of people young and old from basically around the world which offers support and friendship. It a place that we can garner support and strength. It a place i have felt comfortable in last year in some ways more than I have ever been comfortable in the real world. In short you have all shown me what's missing from life.

I don't really make resolutions but i do make plans and while I am writing this from Florida as I am still on Vacation, this time next year I hope to being writing this from a new home in Florida where I will begin that life.

I will leave here the day after tomorrow and begin in earnest to seek out employment, then find a new home to buy, close down my practise and sell my home and if i can do tat in this economy then I will Begin to change my social life also. Well that is the broad outline of the plan.

Ok a little updating on my life, two weeks ago almost i drove to Florida. I had a nice lunch with Dan, Go Left At The Fork and Dodger, A Nexus. In fact if we eat i think three more times together our next meal is free according to the little card the restaurant gave us. Then got stuck in a snow storm in Virginia, 7 hours to go a 100 miles, thank god the Canadians who just formed a lane of traffic south and plowed through the snow and scared southerners :)

Oh remember that case I told you guys about where the old lady who lived with the Dad was trying to take all the estate money for herself, well I'm having some success in resolving that case before the trial date. Court does scare the guilty.

In closing today, I need to go to the beach, I am going to be watching fireworks tonight and thinking of all my friends in blog land. I do hope this upcoming year brings you all happiness, growth and treasures. There will be of course some bad days but hey we need rain and then sunshine can come into our lives again. and if you have a chance this year climb mountains cause the view from the top is excellent

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone is doing great, take care and be safe


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I would like to take a moment to thank those who follow and read for doing so. I hope the upcoming year brings upon all of you the successes and goals you are striving for and working towards.

I pray that all were treated well today and that their lives will continue to improve. Thank you all for being out there and supporting me. My life has improved in the last year because of you all and the help I have received and i hope yours has too

So during this holiday season lets forget our troubles for a day or so and try to have a good time in life. thanks for reading Take care and be safe


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Answers Randy at least mine ...

Randy, who is an American war veteran and a diverse thinker, asked some questions a week or so ago and i thought i would give them a shot. I think he is trying to determine if you live by some standards and consider your self a worthy individual.

So I will attempt to answer them in some fashion below. I had a good win in court last week, there is nothing like winning in court. Its cold up here and its time to go get warm again is all I can say


1. Whose the last person you've helped, but didn't have to?

I cant tell you his name but I represented a guy the other in a Contempt Hearing today. Contempt is where one Party suggests that another party didn't follow an order of the Court. He is the son in law of a friend I represented against her daughter. he has a second wife and between child support and supporting the second family he can't afford legal services. He is not alone in this country in that we have fewer avenues to free legal help and many cant afford to even have a conversation with an attorney.

2. Whose the last person you loved but didn't want to?

Physically loved no one, emotionally loved someone that I didn't want to, I don't think I have ever done that either. I haven't ever been torn up emotionally loving someone I didn't want too.

3. Whose the last person you hated, but couldn't help it?

See the question like the one above is hard for me to consider and answer because I don't believe one does something that they cant help. I also try not to hate anyone in life I find it's such a terrible waste of energy.

4. What means most to you, but could do without?

I believe there is no single thing I couldn't live without as far as materially but freedom means the most to me but even that can be taken from a person and they can exist. But I would say the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and that includes the right to change the status quo.

5. At the end of the day what can you do better, and will you try to?

I could do everything better but seriously i don't think ill try harder to do any thing better as I'm rather satisfied with my life as far as my skills. And I have never been one to strive for perfection, I just try and do a good job every day.

6. Can you ignore want and acknowledge necessity?

yes I can ignore want and I know I can because once you have enough money to buy things you don't need want is something you realize is not always necessary. Acknowledge necessity if you mean stay within some boundaries and don't go to excess yes I can do that.

7. What is fucked up in your LIFE that you CAN change but never will?

Probably that I have ignorant friends and family members and I'm not sure i have the energy or the desire to change people who should already know how to act.

8. What is fucked up in the WORLD that you CAN'T change but will try?

If i know i can't change it then I probably wouldn't try even if its fucked up, I mean why waste the energy where it can not produce any results.

9. Would you denounce your convictions to save the life of one person/millions?

Yes, because my convictions aren't worth someone life unless of course it my life.

10. Would you follow your convictions if it lead to the injustice of one person/millions?

No, once again my convictions aren't worth an injustice done to another. But unlike the question above where saving a life is a black and white issue, which would lead a rational person i hope to save that life, injustice really falls into the grey areas of the world. I mean what i might consider justifiably another may not for religious or cultural reasons. So when i answer the question i did it from the view point of what i see as justice.

11. Is your life about giving or taking?

At this point in life I try to make my life more about giving in a lot of different ways. I believe that everyone that comments on a blog gives a little and every one who reads a blog takes a little, so here i guess from what we do we give and take, but in the real world, whether its in taxes to the government or other people or organizations i do try and give a little more than I take in life

12. If you die tomorrow, what footprints have you left?

I hope if I have left any that are remembered that they are to tread lightly in this world as it can be a dangerous place at times and to help your shipmates (bloggers too) in life who ever they for they may save your life some day. That doesn't mean to go without convictions or to let others run over you in life, rather i hope you see at it as:pick your battles wisely because not all battles are worth fighting, not all battles are winnable and not all battles mean a dam in life but when it does then fight to win.

Randy thanks for posing these questions and I hope I answered them appropiately.

I would like to thank a bunch of new followers for taking some time and reading this blog. Just who writes But Time Makes You Bolder; Jacob who writes Blogger (Blogspot) - yacbisolai; and Lady, gaylady and saexsboy who appear not to be writing blogs. Aaron who writes A Beautifool Chaos and my nephew AgentK who just stop blogging.

Also new followers and new bloggers are: jimi who writes My Side of the Stroy. and Jeremy who writes The Closet is Dark if you have time give them a read.

Thanks for Reading, take care and be safe, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all

Take care and be safe


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

I would just like to say happy birthday to my friend Blake who is year older now and closer to his goal of being free from his surroundings. It been nice getting to know you a bit Blake and I hope your birthday brings you a bit of joy. If any of you have time drop by his blog and wish him happy birthday. Or better yet send him an email his email is on his profile page right here, thanks i know it will make his day.

Blake, stay strong and continue working towards your goal of being free and finally being away from the place you feel trapped. Just a few more years and you can spread your wings and see where life takes you.

I hope you receive some gifts today that make you happy. Enjoy your day as best you can and remember that at least in this corner of the blog world you have some friends and some people who enjoy talking to you.

Blake is just one of several young guys out there whose lives are not full of joy on a day to day basis. He has found a few friends in our community and some of his fears about life have lessened. Blake after his dad passed away a couple of years ago was forced to live in a home with his mother, her boyfriend and his older brother and well none of them treat him to well. He is home schooled and trapped basically in his home.

His life at times makes you appreciate what blessings you may have in your own life just a little more. Blake unfortunate is not the only one having problems out there as i have also heard from Sebastian who wrote Simplicity will no longer be blogging as he was caught online by his parents and his blog has been discovered. Not to worry his parents tell him they love him but they thought they should also alert their church to their sons orientation so that the whole of the church may pray for our friend Sebastian, so that he may be cured. Poor Seb, he sneaks onto to MSN from time to time but he can also receive emails for those of you who followed Seb and may want to send him some support.

I also want to acknowledge another friend of mine out there suffering tonight and that is AgentK, i just hope he feels better soon. It's a tough life we live sometimes being gay, bi, lesbian and transgender but tonight i just wanted to say happy Birthday Blake

Thanks to my new followers I will acknowledge you personally in my next post. Thanks everyone for reading.

Take care and be safe