Sunday, January 31, 2010


Grammy's, the Pro bowl or the Winter X Games and if the truth be known i think the X Games had more entertainment tonight. Although I did like hearing Stevie Nicks sing one of Fleetwood Mac's classics from my teen years.

I just wanted to speak a bit on community and the one I feel apart of here. When I first met some of the bloggers who I follow and linked too it seemed to be a tight knit group of bloggers who easily let people in and linked them to their blogs. This little Australian really believed in and used to plug and link new bloggers. Now that he has suspended his blogging i hope people continue to link new bloggers and plug those you like. Mirrorboy used to say its like a spider web so lets keep going it gives everyone a chance to find someone, a new friend or maybe more. In light of that

Thoughts of a gay teen - Oliver is a young student in Paris who is looking for some followers. He hasn't been blogging long and just got back from a trip the to Hague, which i believe is in Europe somewhere where he roomed with and interesting boy ...

The Difference in Me Luc, is a french Canadian, who is 18 years old and in college. He tells us he is out to a few people. He also has few followers and could probably use some followers

A Life of One Sexually Confused Boy B (you may remember him as Hypnos) is back with a new blog for those of you who remember him. He also is in college and enjoying the life and his dreams.

The Daily Jizzt My friend Torchy has brought back the Daily Jizzt, if you have some time check it out and im sure he would appreciate input and co authors even

So when and if you can point out some new blogs that you find and link them let people know they can find friends here. I have been very lucky to meet so many of you and while its hard to chat with everyone i thank all that take the time to do so.

Recently i have the good fortune to dine with and enjoy the company of several of our fellow bloggers. I can only hope that those of you who are closeted like me can find a few friends like Jeremy, James, Shane and especially Naturegesetz, who I and another blogger were able to help celebrate his birthday at symphony. He truly is the elder statesman of the blog world. If you can just meet someone it helps it really does just to be in their presence so thanks guys

Well once again thanks for being out there and reading. Take care and be safe



  1. Thanks for the links. :)

    I only know Stevie Nicks from some songs that she sung together with Tom Petty. Those that I've head were very nice. :)

    LOL at "elder statesman" :D

    Talk to you soon,

  2. 1. I am totally loving the winter X games this year - skiing in the halfpipe has been a huge favorite so far

    2. Stevie Nicks is enormous. I mean gigantic. As big as a freakin house. She is 3x the size of Taylor Swift. Whoa. But her voice ... wow


    First I want to tell you that I'm so so so sorry cause I wasn't so good reader these past few months, and I even stopped blogging for some time, because I had a lot on my mind...

    And when I finally decided to start reading your blog, cause you really deserve something like that, I see that you mention me... So thank you from the bottom of my soul and thanks from the heart... I really appreciated this!!! :) *big huuuuug*

  4. Thanks for those links, I'm going to look at them now.

    I'd also love to meet some bloggers. :) But location, age and finance restricts me for now.

  5. I definitely agree about the meeting a new friend. Going to post a couple of my favorite blogs tomorrow. Your's is definitely one of them. I remember when I first started blogging a couple months ago you were one of the first people to e-mail me and send me an AMAZING e-mail with everyones blogs and sent me to them. (im pretty sure it was you lol). Thanks. Even if i dont always comment i do read all your posts even if im a couple days late lol =p