Thursday, March 4, 2010

Death, Uganda is that really the answer?

Okay it appears that I took February off from blogging, I am not sure what happened either, but I'll give it a go again. Tonight a little red wine is helping, over the years I have used several things to pass the days, sometimes I think you just need a little something.

Did you notice Uganda wants to kill gay people. A new law under consideration proposes the Death penalty if a minor or disabled person is involved in a homosexual act or if an "offender" is HIV-positive or is a "serial offenders". Life in prison awaits anyone who engages in homosexual acts. For helping, counselling, or encouraging another person to engage in a homosexual act a penalty of seven years is proposed. Uganda currently criminalizes [BBC report] homosexual behavior with up to 14 years in prison

The new bill wants to raise that to life imprisonment, even though no-one has ever been convicted of homosexual acts in Uganda. And just because Uganda wants to be fair to families members of LGBT, the bill also imposes punishments of up to three years in prison for those who fail to report the identity of a person who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered within 24 hours, including family members.

Uganda is headed in the wrong direction. I know Uganda isn't alone in the news lately as our American government is pandering to members of LGBT with Presidents Obama's strong pledge to rid our military of Don't Ask Don't Tell. For those of you who don't get to pay taxes to Washington, Don't Ask Don't Tell is a Clinton era deal in which LGBT persons can serve in our military as long as they don't admit their desires or act out in any manner. It just doesn't work and I'm not sure our military is ready to allow this common sense approach of just letting people be who they are. Believe me I didn't join the Navy because I was gay rather because I believe I had an obligation to serve our country.

Hey and I am not suggesting the military to anyone its not a place which treats us well. Watch out for the Commission to be formed alter to study this issue to death before I believe the military will allow it. My guess is that we will have peace in the middle East before gays serve openly in our Military.

Oh yea I also want to mention another American institution of hate which turned 100 years old last month and that is our Boy Scouts, who believe its more important that you swear an allegiance to god and that its members are all straight, rather than worry if their members are taught and lead to be trust worthy, loyal to each other, faithful to their rules and considerate of others. I read some of those words once in their handbook.

Man does the economy suck where you are? Small Businesses are continuing to fail and housing foreclosures are going strong. Some days its frustrating talking to people as no one seems to be riding high and happy in their business in this economy. One second I need to refill, okay back again. I do hope for the sake of all our college/UNI bloggers the economy picks up when they graduate.

While I am complaining about things tonight I just don't see how the Obama health care bill is going is going to help us and cut costs. And i know some of my liberal friends may say how cruel and everyone deserves health care blah blah blah. Its not that i don't want to ensure people are healthy or even are against a universal health care, its that i can't see it being done without using real costs and having real cost controls. As long as doctors, hospitals and insurance companies are free to charge what they want I am going to get screwed and that is how i see it.

Ok I guess that is enough ranting. I really want to thank all my new followers and well everyone who bothers to read or comment. Always feel free to add me MSN. I am going to try and be more visible on that. If you prefer talking then typing ask me for my skype address.

Otherwise I hope everyone is well as they can be. Keep moving forward and improving yourselves in this life. to those of you with struggles going on i hope you find the peace and help you need. Take care and be safe everyone, thanks for reading



  1. Hm. I thought they had come to their senses, with the help of various American conservative Christian leaders and organizations. Said US Christians had urged the Ugandans not to pass the bill, and I thought that had basically stopped it.

  2. Bob-

    Hiya! long time no see. I am up in your and NGs part of the world right now. I wish that I had contacted you sooner, because I would've loved to meet with some fellow bloggers for dinner last Sunday when I had time. I fly back home tomorrow, and have been in Providence without a car for the week-- so alas I won't be able to this trip. I may or may not be coming back up. I kinda of hope not, honestly, just because I have a ton of school stuff going on right now, and its difficult to do that and travel for business.

    I would love to chat on Skype sometime. I am planetx_123 on there as well.

    Take care-


  3. 1. It's quite upsetting to hear Uganda even considering such policy. I hope it never passes, because what do they hope to achieve other than have the world look down on them for that?

    2. I hope Obama repeals DADT soon. I'm not entirely sure why he didn't just do it the day after the State of the Union address. o_O

    3. I sincerely doubt that doctors and hospitals can charge "whatever they want." There are forces in place that limit how much health care can be charged. I think there are easy ways, and more difficult ways, to control health care costs. I'm not sure if Obama's health care bill addresses what I'm thinking though.

    4. It's been forever since we've chatted online!!

  4. Good to see you back again dude..., I missed you.


  5. i kno, dont yell! im suposd to be in class LOL. Anywys it hurts my head to think of all this stuff in the world. I rely hope ppl start comin to ther senses an see that the only hope for humanity is to see were all brothrs an prejudic against race, sex or religion just leads to sadness.

    its prety obvius whats rite an wrong i dont think u gota b a adult to see how totly rong Uganda whats up with that do they live on the moon or in the dark ages still. FFS.

    Ur missd when ur away an im glad to see ur back. HUGS

    LUVS ya lots


  6. Welcome back!!

    Hope everything is going ok for you?

    The news from around the world, and close to home, never seems to be positive, part of the reason I don't bother watching or listening to or even reading the news. It's all rather depressing, no?

    Anyway, hopefully one day all over the world the LGBT community will continue to make progress.


  7. Here's a bit of info about the Uganda situation.

    So it looks as if the death penalty for homosexual activity is not going to happen. But there still seems to be a lot of prejudice there.

  8. Welcome back, my friend :)

    OMG, I knew about Uganda, but this part about "three years in prison for those who fail to report the identity of a person who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered within 24 hours, including family members." really shocked me.... WTF??? I can't believe this... Where are we living? in a world where no one can follow his heart. OMG, I'm so shocked right now, I can't even explain and I can't write.

    I'm so pissed! I hate politics. Why don't they let people live their own lifes and look their own business...