Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waiting in the Sun

Well no news is good news they say but I am going to have call someone tomorrow and find out if GM is going to honor its warranty. Thanks to those of you who have expressed concerned about my little problem. And Even if they cover it it will take a couple of weeks to repair. As much as I would like to spend all that time in Florida I do have go home and get some work done. My friends at home believe GM will try and deny coverage and while i hope they don't nothing surprises me anymore.

So I have been spending some time at the beach this week, the picture above is from yesterday when the breeze was up and there were some kites surfers, and oh yea these two guys caught my attention too. Naples, Florida is a funny place in the world in some ways, the whole place is built for about three months a year from December to February. This picture was from around Christmas time when the beach is full of tourist from really all parts of the world.

And after the season is over Naples becomes a typical tourist town out of season, empty and easy to get around. This picture below taken this week of the same beach area just looking the other way shows how deserted the beaches are. I do recommend Naples to anyone visiting Florida as a place that provides an easy way of life. There is plenty of shopping, fishing, golfing and beach activities. Or you can just enjoy the restaurants and the views

Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear some good news on my car. I've been thinking about Obama care and what it will mean to me and the Country. I have to believe that this is the first step to a naturalized health care system for Americans. Am I happy about it, well yes and no, but I do step its a step forward for civil and human rights, unfortunately its a step that may bankrupt the country. I read in the Wall Street Journal that historically this country has taxed its populist about twenty percent in general. This means that total taxes paid by all, has cost the country about twenty percent of what it has been made by all and now under Obama's plan it will increase to twenty seven percent. And there appears to be no cost controls built in to the system.

Obama says he will collect it from the rich, but in this economy the rich are fewer and fewer. Is Health care a right, maybe in a lot of countries it is unfortunately its not here. Should it be a right, maybe but that is not the question. I already counsel people how to avoid taxes and government mandates. I think this maybe give me some more business.

A few years ago i would have sent some money to people working against Obama Care, but after meeting some of you who i know will benefit from this plan, I will just swallow the cost and hope for the best, for now at least.

Thanks for reading, take care and be safe out there my friends



  1. Interesting take I heard for the first time the other day: it represents a major attempted expansion of federal power for the government to be compelling private citizens to purchase a product or service (in this case insurance) from private sellers. What else will they try to force us to buy for our own good?

  2. It is mix of good and bad. So many young people and students will benefit from this. If only we didn't have the was in Iraq to pay for also.

    Hope GM does right by you!


  3. Curiously, some of the people who're most against Obama's health care bill are people who would benefit the most from it. I don't understand people's logic on many things, and that topic is no exception.

    I don't know enough about the bill to truly judge it one way or another. But I do think there are things in the bill that should've been enacted long ago (mostly regulatory things).

  4. dude i wanna be on that beach .... why dint u zoom more on the kite flyers .... just bein shy?

  5. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the car. At least you are safe and got off the highway and everything. I hope they do fix it, or at least cover the replacement value or whatever they are supposed to do.
    Make the best of your trip and drive carefully on the way home!