Saturday, March 20, 2010

Broken down and waiting

So things were going ok, I left yesterday morning on a trip to Florida. I did run into to a lot of traffic yesterday in Connecticut, which delayed my meeting Dodger for lunch. It’s always nice to stop and have lunch with another member of the community Even coming thru New York City there was a bit of extra traffic but still I pushed on south. After lunch in Philadelphia I starting moving south again and didn’t stop until I reached the middle of North Carolina. I drove over eight hundred miles (almost 1300 Kilometers) or a little over half way before I stopped for the night.

Got up and had a delicious breakfast at the hotel. They had one of those Belgian waffle makers so I made some, yum. Packed up the car and got on the road again. As I neared the end of North Carolina I heard some noises from the engine compartment and then I lost all power to the car. Luckily it rolled along the highway and down a nearby exit ramp. I pull to a stop off the exit ramp. Not happy at all. Here I am stuck in the middle fog basically rural North Carolina.

I called the nice people at Saab. Since the car is under warranty they will tow it to the nearest Saab dealer. Some eighty miles north of where I am . So an hour later a tow truck appears and we make the drive north to Raleigh. I’m waiting right now to hear what is wrong with the car. OK blown engine, yep I never saw what one of the cylinder rods looked like before but the technician shined the light up and there it was. The bottom of the engine block was gone. Fuck

So they gave me a rental and told me they would know Monday if the engine was covered under the warranty. I asked the service manager just what does a bumper to bumper warranty covers if it doesn’t cover blown engines. They are worried I got water into the cylinder head last week when I had some troubles starting the car after I went thru some water. So they gave me a rental car and I’m off to Florida again. Monday will either be the start of a good problem or a bad problem

Even if it covered my car and me are serrated by some eight hundred miles and it wont be done in a week so that I could pick it up as I returned home. At least the rental car is nice it’s a Buick Lacrosse. Well I need to get on the road again and get to Florida. I hope everyone else is doing better out there than I am today

Thanks for Reading, take care and be safe



  1. Woah, that sucks. :-/ I hope your car will be fine once they fix it up!! Have a safe trip back.

  2. Yeah. I don't know what to say, car problems are the worse! I hope it all goes well but it's true, it's a problem either way because you're going to have to go back there anyways to get it... Man that sucks

  3. It takes more than a week to remove one engine and put in another? I guess they must think the old engine can be repaired.

    Hope the rest of the trip is trouble-free.

    And take care and be safe yourself.

  4. Wow Bob,
    That does suck. Something as minor as a little water shouldn't cause a catastophic failure like that. Hope it works out better on the way back up. Can you stay longer in FL? That never hurt anyone.

    I really enjoed our lunch too. It's great to talk to you!


  5. darn that kind of stinks ... sorry I missed lunch too but I've been really crazed at work - maybe we can catch up on the return!

  6. I always wanted to do the whole American road trip thing.