Friday, March 26, 2010


It is going to be covered in full which is a nice thing. They couldn't really determine what happened to cause the failure. So they are ordering all the parts to put it back together. Unfortunately they had to order a new engine block from Sweden, but its supposed to be here in the states in 7 - 10 days. Even after they receive all the parts some of them will have to be milled and the car engine back together. So I will have to make an extra trip back down to Raleigh, NC in a couple of weeks when they put it all back together.

Looks like tomorrow I will start heading home or Sunday at the latest. I need to swing by the car and pick up some stuff i left in it. I'm looking at taking some smaller roads to get a different look at North Carolina. Problem is though it may make a two trip into a three day trip because usually i drive much further north of Raleigh on the first day of driving home. Until they fix my car they are paying for a nice rental car. It's a Buick Lacrosse CXL. Its fairly well equipped and after a 100 miles driving it so far it's not a bad car. Although I wish it was a standard as I have tried to shift it on a couple of occasions already.

It was a cloudy day in Florida with rain in the morning. Still we travelled south to Marco Island about twenty minutes for lunch. There a little place there of of Bald Eagle Drive named the Snooks Inn. It sits on the water and is a favorite place of mine down here in Florida. I had the broiled seafood platter which comprised of shrimp, scallops, grouper and mahi mahi with crab stuffing. A salad bar and fresh baked bread and some Chardonnay and you have the makings of a nice meal.

Health care has passed and we are all still here so that is good. I have seen a couple of blogs commenting on how stupid us Americans are over this health care, but you have to remember we aren't brought up on the idea of social medicine or mandated health care, so its going to take time for every one to see the possible benefits.

Anyone watching FlashForward i think that is a pretty good show myself. Kansas, did anyone else pick them to make it to the final four and win it all? Looks like immigration will be the next big topic out of Washington, how do you guys feel, should we just make everyone a permanent resident? California is looking to actually legalize marijuana, (apparently this is ok but gays being married is destroying the family in California) what do you think? William F. Buckley declared we lost the drug wars in the eighties, should we just legalize and and tax it or what?

Ok so there are a few things I'm thinking about it these days. Is there anything you are interested in, a topic that is making headlines in your country? Let me know I love to read foreign newspapers and see what going on out there.

I hope you are all well and that life is mostly positive for all. Thanks for reading, take care and be safe



  1. stay down there for a while - it's getting cold up here again!

  2. I'm happy for you about your car, man what a relief!

    About that health care bill (I'm canadian), honestly I just couldn't imagine my world without health care, I wouldn't feel safe. Although I did go to the hospital in america once and I found it was much faster than here. But the paperwork for the insurance was crazy! like months after I had to go see my coach to make him sign some papers and stuff. I find it's much less complicated how it is in Canada than in the US, even if you have insurance.

    I didn't look at what that bill will do though, it doesn't really concern me :P but I do think it's positive.

    anyways, hope you had a nice trip and I wish a good trip back home for you!

  3. Great news on the car. New engine too! Woot! I love driving a standard and still try to push the non-existant clutch down when I switch back and forth. Try coming up back through WV and Harrisburg then PA TP to NJ.

  4. Topic of immigration is always tricky, even here in the UK you get a lot of debate. I don't think there can ever be a right or a wrong answer for us, as any "cure all" policy wouldn't be worth the paper it's printed on, since there is no way to please everyone.

    Unfortunately I think our world is just getting full, and there may not be enough jobs to go around. But I just encourage people to think sensibly, a lot of people coming into any country, and supposedly "taking all our jobs". But often these can be hard working people, and I have to say sometimes they work a hell of lot harder.

    Sorry for my long rant, this is just a hot topic among me and my friend right now, so I love being able to get a point out withot being interrupted, thanyou Internet lol.

  5. What is this health care bill proposing? Free helth care? alot of people are upset about it and I don't now why. I'm like a little lost puppy on the subject:-(....

    ....OH and did you find anything good in your rental car? Sometimes the people who clean out the cars miss a few things.