Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Games People Play

Ok so Tyler has come up with a game and I think I will play along, besides it gives me something to post about. The rules appear to be simple take a picture of where you blog from and post it then tag a some people to post a picture of the desk, area or even room where they blog from.

I tend to use a laptop when I do the actual posting and even though I have a desktop I rarely use it for much of anything but work. This desk is just a corner of a bedroom that is empty in my condo, its really just a couple of tables pushed together in a corner, but it’s like a little office space and if you send me a fax the machine on the left is where I would get it. And I have a comfy chair to use. And I could be neater but the cleaning lady hasn’t come this week, well she never does in fact.

If you blow up the second picture you really won’t see much there’s a memory sick in the desktop but no porn in it, there is a calculator I’ve had for over 20 years on the desk, a couple of law books and not much else though and thanks to the low quality of the blackberry camera it stops you from seeing anything with a name on it

And sometimes for a change of pace I use this desk its in my family room I guess you could call it, I think that is what a real estate agent would call the room, its just another area of the condo to store some books and sit and read your blogs

Ok so part of the game is to tag some others and keep the game rolling so I would like to tag Landyn, Jonathan, Ryan, Cian and Jayson, you don’t have to play the game but it would be nice if you did :)

Take care and be safe, thanks for reading



  1. That's palatial compared to my hovel

  2. So this is where the magic happens, aye? :P

  3. Always interesting to see a little bit of people's homes.

  4. ooo, yay!

    is that your law degree in the first pic, above the light on the right?

  5. Wow, there's a lot of stuff there. o_O

  6. this is where the love is spread from, reaching out to bloggers on all continents :)

    what's on the laptop screen?


  7. Fax machines are sooo 80s. =P

  8. I like how often your maid comes


  9. @ Micky its just my little corner of the world, thanks

    @ Mboy magic that what you produce i just try and produce a little dribble, thanks

    @ RC maybe i will show even more of my life we'll see. thanks

    @ Tyler nice idea fo ra game and no that one is not from law school but i'll post one if it soon, thanks

    @ AEK and most of it should be thrown out, thanks

    @ torchy that mby's blog on the left and tyler's on the right and i wish there was some lovin going on right in that room, thanks

    @ Joshua sure but people keep using them and besides its also my scanner so i cant get rid of it yet, thanks

    @ Seth some day i would like to get one :P, thanks

  10. very nice set up. although it would look better with a mac :P what can I say?- im in love with apple. haha

  11. Cool setup, I like the comfy chair. ^_^