Monday, June 8, 2009

Please A Moment For RJ

This isn’t the post I have been trying to write and frankly I am hoping you have the time to give a little support tonight to a couple of our friends. It’s been a tough couple of weeks in Blog land. I am sad to say the news I have to share tonight is not getting any better and isn’t going to make any one happy.

A relatively new blogger RJ, chipsnfiascos blog, who I just met not two weeks ago has been struck by a car and is in serious condition. RJ is a 16 year old from New York who love tennis and is pretty good player. Yet again a real life friend of a blogger has gone out of his way to enter our world to let us know about our new friend RJ, who he knows in real life as Ryan. Cole his friend has created a blog and the full story is here, be prepared its not pretty. Cole has updated Nick and we do is is in serious condition awaiting surgery as I post. Cole does know Rj is bi and we do RJ told him about some of us, one in particular and another new blogger, Nick.

Nick and RJ have become good friends and well you probably have a guess of how Nick is feeling. I rarely ask much of others but if you have a moment please say prayer because folks I understand RJ may not make through the surgery. Maybe send Nick an email or say hello to him as i know he needs a little support right now.

As soon as any news reaches is known I am sure Cole, Nick or I will update everyone. I also ask if you have a moment to visit his friend Cole’s blog there is an email there and maybe send RJ some flowers, please remember to be sensitive to what we don't know. Peter showed us how to do this before for a friend in the hospital before, so if you have a minute I am sure Cole will deliver them at the right time.

You can steal the flowers from this post or find your own. I am borrowing them from AgentK. Thanks everyone for reading and especially for those who have the time to wish RJ good health and Nick some support during this very tough time on their young lives

Take care and be safe, God watch over our friend RJ tonight



  1. Wow, that's really rough. My thoughts go out to RJ and Cole. It must be a tough time, but I hope RJ makes it through all okay.

    For now, all I have to give is an e-hug to RJ and Cole. And Nick, as he's intertwined in this too.

  2. Thanks for the post, C.

  3. thanks for letting us know, Bob. i've reblogged this in case i've got some readers you don't have.

    best wishes

  4. Thank you Bob for keeping us updated, even with sad news, it means alot ot our community.
    *hugs* all around

  5. oh god. i cant really bare thinking about these things, that poor boy, and all who know him..

    *hugs* we just have to stay positive and hope for the best.


  6. aww shit :( thats fucking awfull

    well alls we can do is hope he pulls through

    good luck RJ hope your gonna be okay