Monday, June 22, 2009

WTF My Car Was Stolen

Well it’s been two weeks almost since I have spoken to you all, oh and I will get to the car thing in a minute, but let’s recap the last few days. I believe it was the day I last posted I got my first gay hater on MSN, maybe I will post some of that convo. The day after the ball game I flew to Florida, on Jet Blue, the airline with the TVs in every head rest. The flight was good and uneventful. My dad lives in Florida for about ten months a year and then spends a couple of months up in New England. I flew down to drive a car home for him as he fell a couple of months ago and broke a few vertebrae. He is healing well but not enough for the 1500 mile drive home.

When I got home I became involved some blog land drama, had a good week in court and then I made a mistake and lost the trust of a friend, I had a momentary lapse of reasoning for which I will never forget what it cost me. But moving on … i would like to thank Steve for being my newest follower, he has been around for a long while and writes a nice blog I hope you all have some time to check his blog out.

So while I was in Florida, I had lunch with a friend and diner with another one and ate this meal

and I spent some time on this beach

And I got drunk one night in St. Petersburg near John’s Pass. Then I headed home. Driving in the south of this country is a lot better than the north and for one reason the speed limit is legally 70 mph thus you know the cops will allow you to go 80 mph. For another there are generally less people on the roads also which makes it easy to travel fast, but the worst thing about the south is there is no dunkin donuts my favorite place to get coffee. I made it to Virginia driving almost nine hundred miles on the first day. Taking plenty of breaks as advised by Jake Anon. The following day it took just as long to go the rest of the way home mostly due to two hours of traffic in the New York City area, where I stopped to have dinner with a friend.

Got home and went to court twice last week and won both cases, well in one the other side didn’t show, so you just get a default judgment making my life a bit easier, but i really had a good work week.

This weekend though something happened which caused me to react in almost a violent manner. Like many of you I have some issues in my life which I constantly fight and try to control. One of them is when I am provoked or defending a friend I care about I can become someone else and really not someone you want to deal with, for when I was young I was taught to hit someone so they never stand up again. Dad was a marine and believed if you are going to fight then don’t lose. I did something which I believed was right but I have come to learn that no matter the justification I was wrong for hurting my friend and betraying his confidences. I have been forgiven but our friendship may never be the same and for that I am deeply sorry my friend I broke your trust.

Oh yea my car, so I go to get ready to go to lunch with Bob today and I walk out and my car is not there. I go into panic mode, check the whole parking lot (I work with practical jokers who would move my car) but I knew I had the keys all morning. I called my friend Officer Burke and start to tell him my cars' been stolen when I remember, this morning I drove across the street to get muffins and walked back to the office. I normally walk there but it was raining a bit this morning and when I came out of the store it had stopped so I walked back forgetting my car in the parking lot. How foolish I felt lol, but my car was there safe and sound.

Thanks for reading, Take care and be safe



  1. teaser! glad it was found safe and sound - that's what you get for carbo loading with muffins

  2. That looks like a great meal!

    And you've been reading too much of torchy!'s blog with his misleading titles. But I'm glad Officer Burke was able to help you recover your car.

    Finally, I do hope you'll draw some good conclusions from the weekend experience. Sometimes we can be in situations where there is no wrong choice, and we're in a quandary trying to figure out which is the best. And sometimes it's the other way around, and we end up trying to choose the least bad course, but unfortunately no matter which we choose, there will be something undesirable as a result. Sounds as if that's what you were up against.

  3. Bah! It's not stolen! Just misplaced. :P

  4. Wow- thanks for the blog shout-out. Thats actually the first that I remember getting before!

    Yea the other thing about driving in the south (I think this is exclusively southern, but I could be wrong) is that in many states you are only supposed to drive in the right hand lane. You can only go to the left hand lane to pass. In TN this is not a law, and I had never heard of it until I got pulled over in TX.

    I'm glad you had a nice trip!

    Much Love,

  5. It always amazes me, living in little ol' England, who far you guys travel (that is when you can remember where you left your car) without hardly a care or a thought.

    Sure you use planes - but I've used planes in the UK and it's hardly worth sitting down because you get there minutes after your take off.

    But you just swan around, hundreds - nay, thousands of miles almost without a thought.


    Oh and what is that you ate? Looks like steak in the shape of a bird, or even a rodent? Could even be a beaver or something?

  6. I've had that dream of my truck being stolen. Never from work, but always when I've gone to an unknown bar that I've never been to before. I get drunk off only on one drink (that hasn't happened in many years LOL), stumble out to find my truck gone. I wander the parking lot frustrated, trying to find my truck to no avail. Then I wake up. Funny!

  7. Bah Don't scare me with titles like that! :P

    Good that you won your cases and I'm sorry about the friend


  8. @ goleftatthefork iam a bad boy, thanks

    @ NG i really thought i was in a stiuation with no good choice and thanks

    @ mosplaced story of my life lol

    @ Planet happy to have you aboard, and they do that in Maine also but i never heard of getting a ticket for it they just all drive in the right lane up there, thanks

    @ Mickey that was a bone in prime rid and i have driven east to west caost a couple of time s and that is over 3K miles , thanks

    @ ray the sad thinkg is i cant even blame this on alcohol lol, thanks

    @ Jeremy im sorry about my frined too just hoping he can forgive me, thanks

  9. Hey mate thanks for following, ill add you m my followers list later after i have added to my beer belly with bbq food and beer.

  10. eek upsetting friends is never a good thing but as long as you learn from it its not the end of the world.

    I have felt like killing a few of my friends on occasion but thats just moods ya know?

    Deep breaths Bob deep breaths ;D

  11. Well, good news about the vehicle. o.O

  12. A very late comment here. Yum - steak and a baker - basic comfort food - although the carrots look a bit limp LOL.

    Glad you "found" your car - and ignore those Brit *ahem*Mickey*ahem* comments about OUR cuisine, knowing the stereotypes of hundreds of years of cuisine in the British Empire boil down to, well, boiled beef. :)