Monday, August 10, 2009

AEK you want to put your finger where?

AEK Good Luck and I hope this is the start of the best part of your life leading to a great career. Entering Medical School is a great accomplishment, I’m very proud of your efforts to date and you should be also. I know there is a lot of work ahead of you but I have every confidence that you will achieve all your goals.

Really though how many people do get to put their finger up some ones butt on a regular basis and get paid for it? And hey by the time you finish school and residency the government will have health care firmly under control and hey you didn’t want to get rich doing this did you :P

I really hope all you bloggers, follwers and readers reach your educational goals. The time you spend now will be paid back many times over and hey if you dont spend time now you may never find the time inthe future to do it. So really AEK keep up the good work.

Update on my trial the little old lady did not come to court it seems she had a note from her doctor. So we have rescheduled but her attorney has signaled she might step down as executor. Otherwise work is steady.

Mr. Carwin and FMS, I owe you both an email, sorry about that but I will try and get it out soon. I’m still trying to exchange some sox tickets for September trying to accommodate some schedules of people I would like to go to a game with so I hope to have that done soon. Got to go to Cambridge Court today never a fun time to go there it's just that Boston traffic always sucks.

I have a couple of new followers who I will address in my next post but thank you so much for reading me. I couldn’t load pictures this morning so I have some shots of Boston and the Cape as I have finally gotten out a couple of days onto the Ocean, so I will make another post this week.

I hit one of those Orange barrels on the highway with my car by luckily just the side view mirror was broken. So I need to get that fixed, its like your blind of the highway on the driver’s side without it. And ok so I shouldn’t have been on the phone and is I wasn’t I might have noticed the highway was dropping a lane for construction.

I think I need a vacation is what I’m thinking also. But AEK Good Luck
Take care and be safe, thanks for reading



  1. oh, he can still get rich. Just get into a profession that insurance doesn't pay for (remember, the government wants to control insurance, not care. at least not at the moment). So, I suggest cosmetic surgery. Specialize in that and then move to Los Angeles. I promise, it is very nice out here!

    Also, dermatology is very good. I think insurance pays for some of that, but not all. Once again, I suggest moving out to LA. Everyone is constantly running to the dermatologist to get some blemish removed.

  2. Being a doctor is one of those rare professions that where ever you may go, will be received by the populace. Be it in America, China, or Kenya.

    You future is pretty much assured once graduate regardless of the health care system...=)

  3. Hey Bob - I got to the beach on Saturday and damn if it isn't the best medicine for just about anything that ails you! Come to Camden Yards for the Sox series later September and I just might join you. I have tickets for Sunday the 20th!

  4. Awww, thanks. ^_^

    You know, I really don't care if I go into a high-paying specialty. That's not what I want to do and that's not what medicine is about for me. I don't need or want to be rich.

    What I DO want is to not owe $150K+ in debt when I graduate. That's almost unbearably ridiculous. Something has to be done about that, because that's one of the main reasons why fewer med students are going into primary care.

  5. Glad you're okay. Did you have to deal with the cops? Yes, maybe it's time for vacation.