Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy – A tribute to a Massachusetts Senator

How could he be one of the most trusted members of Society -- and be an out of control frat boy most of his life? No the questioner is not talking about George Bush but rather Senator Ted Kennedy.

The answer is our lives are full of challenges and as human beings we just don’t fit into one box our whole lives. This is the biggest lesson I have learned from Mr. Kennedy in life is - Don’t ever let others successfully define you or limit you in any manner.

Mr. Kennedy passed from this earth today leaving his mark over the United States and the US Senate where he served in for over 45 years. Mr. Kennedy defied the politic odds several times in his life and for that I do respect him. Being a conservative Mr. Kennedy has drawn my ire several times but how he lived his whole life is why I respect him. Like a phoenix he rose from the political ashes to become one of America’s greatest liberal stalwarts.

To many Americans, America lost a hero today. People far beyond our shores felt this way also and I believe it right to acknowledge his life even though; Mr. Kennedy was not a political hero of mine and to be honest I never voted for him once. He has to be recognized as one of America’s leading politicians over the last forty years.

Mr. Kennedy taught me a couple of things in his political work one; is be happy with getting a little of your program started because once begun a popular government program never goes away. So I try to be happy for the little victories in my life and not dwell on the negatives for I know those can be overcome too. Secondly, never let any single event in your life define you. To be truthful this is one I am working on as I am in closet still but I guess what I can see is he lived through the worse and came out it of stronger.

I enjoyed a few things in life that Mr. Kennedy did like sailing in Cape Cod sound, and being with family but Mr. Kennedy and his family were like the American Dream itself. Poor Irish immigrants the Kennedy’s once were who rose to the highest powers of government and wealth. The Kennedy’s are for many Americans, America’s dream family and part of the lure of the American dream – it happen to them it could happen to me too – in America.

Mr. Kennedy taught me that: I have the power to make it a better life; I have the power to overcome what ails you and if some is important to me to never stop working to achieve it. Don’t seek excuses in life seek results even if you have to deal with people opposed to you and your efforts. You can’t do it alone and that is where friends come in and I thank you my friends I have met here and continue to make.

Mr. Kennedy arguably is responsible for the passage of more laws affecting the social fabric of this nation and yet in 1969 he faced one of the greatest challenges to anyone in politics and survived. Mr. Kennedy in 1969, less than a year after his second brother’s passing was at the wheel of a car in which a young girl died.

Many know the story or lack there of as Kennedy failed to report the accident for the better part of a day while a team of supporters arraigned a story. It was reported that after a sailing regatta and a heavy day of drinking Mr. Kennedy crashed his car into the ocean off a small bridge on a small island connected to Martha’s Vineyard. Ms. Kopechne, a political aide, was trapped in Kennedy’s car and did not survive. Mr. Kennedy could have faded away but he did not. No charges were ever brought against the young Senator, the Kopechne family I have read, believed this was due to heavy political pressure the Kennedy family exerted in National and Massachusetts’s politics.

It’s that part of his story I find most interesting; that at a time when most wouldn’t have had the strength to continue he did. And he not only continued he worked harder than most of his contemporaries and became maybe the most effective Kennedy of his clan. Many of us could allow the problems and challenges in our lives to over whelm us but step back and reexamine your life.

Each and every problem can be overcome, yes it takes effort and it's not going to be easy but with planning, forethought and support I believe that all problems can be overcome, I mean look at what Kennedy overcame is anything you or I will face in our lives more challenging or so greater a hill to climb, yet the man did it you have to give him his due.

The picture above is of the JFK Library (the black building) in Boston, Massachusetts.

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  1. God bless the American Dream and senator Kennedy.

  2. It was amazing that Massachusetts voters were so enamored of the Kennedys that they voted for Ted over an obviously better qualified candidate in his first campaign, and continued to do so after Chappaquidick, which would have been the end for any other politician.

    At least he never got to be President. But that left him free to poison the judicial confirmation process with his vicious distortion of Robert Bork's record. Ever since, the confirmation of judges has been politicized and polarizing. Of course, it was worth it in his view because it contributed to his other cause — making sure that it would continue to be legally possible to slaughter tens of millions of unborn humans. He unflinchingly and unwaveringly and vigorously championed that ongoing regime of death from at least 1973 until his last breath.

  3. That was a great post, and I really liked what you had to say. It was an excellent tribute to an American icon.

    In response to Naturgesetz second paragraph, I agree that the judicial nomination process has become politicized and polarized, but I think that is an OK thing. As you know, America is founded upon a system of checks and balances. One of our branches is the judicial system, and it is system most shielded/removed from public accountability.

    However, to attain a seat in this high judiciary, one must cross the gauntlet that is the Senate. If the process for judicial nomination were easy and not political, than the judiciary branch would have no check over it. The current system gives the Legislative and Executive branches a check over the Judicial branch, and the Judicial branch gets the power to nullify any laws that pass the Legislative and Executive branches.

  4. I will admit, that I know very little about the man. However, your tribute(?), was very touching.

    By the way...,


    I claim nothing! I am what I am!!

    That was meant in a nice way chap. Thanks for the intro mate, I appreciate it.

    Courage and Honour!


  5. Thanks for the nice tribute Bob - I tend to disagree with many (all?) of his fiscal policies but as a social liberal I can appreciate someone who has carried that torch so consistently and for so long. The Kennedy legacy is not over, of course. The next generation is spread far and wide in politics and philanthropy, so maybe we haven't seen the end of the extraordinary public service this family has brought to our country.

  6. I think "The dead girl -live boy" quote was actually from Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards. I met the governor when I was in college. He was a card. And like Kennedy the voters returned him to office even after extra marital affairs and federal indictments.

    I never was a fan for Teddy. There was a Christmas CD with parody songs. One was "Teddy, the Red Nosed Senator". It was almost as funny as "Walking around in women's Underwear".