Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hard Wood

It’s a nice thought I know but I was referring to my nephew putting a hard wood floor in my condo this weekend. I had him do the first floor the bedrooms can wait. And some how it still was a lot of work for me to do event though I was paying him :P. I had him do the first floor of the condo the bedrooms which are on the second floor can wait, I’m tired.

Had a nice long weekend filled with work (flooring), barbeque’s and even a little bit of sailing. Next weekend im going to participate in the Moffet Race off of Martha ’s Vineyard. Now that the Obama’s went home its safe to go there again :D. When the Clinton’s and Now th eObama’s visit that crowded little island it funny how many people go over to try and get a peek at him.

Work goes ok people are not happy out there these days is one thing I can tell you. If the economy is getting better I don’t think its starting around here. This afternoon I will spend with two other attorney’s dividing up the cash my client makes. Don’t play with drugs people if you have any responsibilities in this world. Its funny how little you can be left to live on if you fuck up in life

Going to the Red Sox a couple of times this week, maybe ill have some pictures for you from the games. For those of you outside the country baseball is coming sdwon to the wire and the Sox are in the hunt for a play off position.

Hey and for all my friends going back to school work hard on your studies for they only help you. What you are doing now will go along way to make your life better and more fulfilled. And no matter what kind of of life you want to pursue get educated it in.

Hope life is treating you all well. Take care and be safe my friends



  1. Thanks for the well-wishes :)
    That floor looks pretty well-made.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend even if you were busy with hard labor! I'm taking a Sox fan/friend of mine down to Camden Yards in 2 weeks to see them play the Orioles. It should be a good time and based on the way the O's are playing, help the Sox with their playoff run

  3. It's looking nice. Now you have to get the furniture sorted out and such. :P

  4. This makes me want to get into my socks and underwear and do a few "Risky Business" slides across your floor. lol There's nothing like hard wood... floors.

  5. Ohhh, looks nice! My parents got sick and tired of their nasty carpet a few years back. They decided to pull it up and discovered that we actually have a nice wooden floor underneath! Now they're happy and much more allergy-free. :)

    Thanks for the well-wishes as well. I'm going to need them.

  6. mmm hard wood.



    ps. and talking of which, my word verif. is 'fulness'