Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, trips, meetings and friends

I like to say happy birthday to Shane tonight who writes I just want to be me and thanks for sharing a meal with me today. Shane might appreciate a little support right now as his room mate found a blog post on a memory stick and well Shane has feelings for his room mate so the result is things are a bit unsettled between them too right now.

I appreciate everyone who trusts me enough to actually meet and share some time with me. I have enjoyed getting to meet so many of you here on the blogs and look forward to meeting others, both on line and in real life. I was privileged to meet three people in California during my recent trip which I hope to post about soon in more detail with some pictures I took.

But in general I enjoyed a jet blue flight across the country; landed in San Francisco; rented a car. Drove down the Coast a couple of hours after being stuck in traffic between San Francisco and San Jose; arrived and met Jonathan who writes Gentleman's Romance; went to an aquarium where I saw some penguins, tuna and otters among other things; next day I drove south and met James who writes Just me; had a nice meal and took a walk downtown and enjoyed a cigar; overheard at dinner during my trip in response to bar waitresses inquiry as to if we desired another drink – no thanks if I have another I might hit on the waiter :) ( I hadn't heard that dinner before it was a first for me :P);

Drove north again and enjoyed some time with Jonathan again; the next day I drove south; went through a grapevine and saw some ducks and sharks; met Landyn who writes Stuck In The Middle and is the first blogger I ever emailed and met here; next day drove back to San Francisco and flew home

In the last three weeks I have met six bloggers and one other, a few months ago. I can’t thank you all enough. Not only those who I have actually met but those who read, comment and share their lives with me. Those who chat on MSN with me and email me. You are all making a positive impact on my life and I just want to say thanks. I believe we have a nice thing going here, a little community of people trying to help each other, and I’m lucky to have found you all.

And once again I get to plug some old friends who have come back to blogging recently. People like Courage had been blogging for months when I came along and he was one of the many who showed me real kindness and friendship almost ten months ago when we first met. He is back blogging after a short break and his blog is called A Beautiful Addiction.

Matt my good friend from the UK, who some may remember my post when he left our little community, well he is back and I hope you can give his blog a look, he is actually not a bad writer :P and he is a good guy. His blog is My Life.

I would like to thank my new followers first JC who describes himself as a Christian and is from Tennessee writes Who's Life Am I Living? and Charlie, a US high school student who writes Blogger (Blogspot) - boyintree - . I would also like to plug one new blog, Musings of Mr. GaGaa* is the writing of a Geeky And Gay Asian American grad student from California.

I am hoping if you have some time drop and say hello to them all. Add them to MSN and make them feel comfortable here too. I have finally updated my links and if you want to meet to add you please let me know if i haven't already. Oh yeah and I'm really going to try and make some comments and catch up on my reading

Thank you all for being out there dropping by and reading. Take care and be safe my friends.



  1. Bob,

    It was great meeting you today and I do always look forward to talking to you on MSN.


  2. Bob, one day you have to come to New Jersey!! Or maybe I'll come up your way and visit to say hello.

    Anyway, happy to hear you had a nice trip, I hope you also got some time to reset yourself and relax.


  3. I had a fun time meeting you! I enjoyed the dinner and the cigar was most excellent. ^_^

  4. Sounds like fun. :)

    So when're you going to take a trip my way? ;-)

  5. I forgot to tell you:

    Sea Otters are my favorite animal, and I loved the Monterrey Aquarium because of all the otters. They are so cute!

  6. Sox/Phils in the World Series? Something's going to get you down here, maybe that's it

  7. CVN70!

    Wow, that's pretty neat that you're meeting so many bloggers!

    I've often wondered what everyone was like behind their blog and you're actually finding out!

    Very cool!


  8. i think the fact that so many bloggers are prepared to meet you speaks volumes Bob, and i look forward to when i can meet you too.

    sounds like you had a great time on your holiday. and lol at that restaurant convo!

    best wishes

  9. I bet you got stuck on 101 between SF and SJ. I was stuck there yesterday. I can't believe you were so close to me (SJ), and I had no idea so many of the bloggers were within driving distance of me. Sounds like you had an amazing trip.