Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing Ball in Boston - Meanwhile in Australia its ...

Went to America’s past time twice this week it’s something I have done before but this week was a bit special because of the people I went to the one of the game’s with; and it was two of our fellow bloggers :). I have been pleased to meet so many of you online and have felt a real sense of community here. Naturgestez who writes Naturgesetz: Catholic and Homosexual; Mark, who writes Mark’s Complicated Life and my self met a bit before the game and enjoyed a nice dinner.

It was very comfortable and enjoyable as in some ways I felt a knew a lot about them after reading their blogs and enjoying their thoughts. We got to the game half through the first inning. The sox took an early lead only to have the visitors from Baltimore come back and tie the game. But in the later innings the home town team came back to win the game by three runs. It was exciting and exciting game but it was just a pleasure to be with some people just like me

I have been closeted so long and really afraid to reach out to anyone but slowly and because of events like last night I’m building a little confidence in being gay. Not sure I’m ready for any pride events but every time I have met someone from our community or youtube its just been a comfortable thing and experience. It’s slow growth for me but who says you have to rush into anything.

Took a couple of pictures i thought i would share with you over the last couple of nights. The first one is of the Fenway Park sign and the Red Sox League Championships or World Series Banners
The view from our seats last night up above third base of the diamond
The outfield down below us
Youk at to bat from my regular seats
And the cutest redsox there is Jacoby sorry you cant see his eyes

On a side note an old friend is back and blogging. Jake Anon has a new blog and its called Meanwhile in Australia. Now he does think that Australia is the best place on earth but if you can get by that he writes a great blog. I owe Jake Anon a lot in some ways for it was his encouragement that got me onto to MSN last year and talking to a lot of you. So if you have time go over and say hello and add him to your links. And talking to you all has made my life a lot better in many ways.

Thanks for reading everyone and i hope all is well where ever you are tonight
take care and be safe my friends


  1. go O's!!!!! LOL - hope we can take in a game together sometime Bob - I'm going to see the O's take on the Sox later this month in Baltimore :-)

  2. It's good you got out and hung out with people. :)

  3. Wow - you got to meet some fellow bloggers!

    I've never been across the pond but if I ever get there you're on my list of people to see...

    Great pix by the way. We don't do Baseball over here. But we do do SQUASH - you up for a game??

    Dino R

  4. Lucky you meeting other of 'our kind' :)
    I hope you had fun doing that most American of activities :P

  5. I never really got into baseball, cricket is my game. I am glad you got out, and am pleased that you felt comfortable being yourself.


  6. it was really nice speaking to you the other day. sorry if i went offline, my friend's internet was being uber stupid lol

    hope everything is well :)

  7. That sounds really cool. I'm glad you are becoming more comfortable with your sexuality. Sounds like you had fun at the ball game.

  8. Next time come pick me up! Better yet lets all get together and form a gay/bi blogger's softball league. There is certainly enough of us, and more all the time! LOL!

  9. as i've met up with another blogger too (RC) i can understand how much you must have enjoyed it.

    i'm really pleased it went well for you and also understand that you must have been concerned about it beforehand.

    glad things are slowly easing for you Bob.

    the pics are great, i'd love to watch a baseball game.

    take care