Monday, August 24, 2009

Court, Goodbyes and Hellos

Today a federal judge set a Jan. 11, 2009 court date for the first legal challenge to Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage. Why does this matter because it could lead to the United States Supreme Court declaring gay marriage a right in every state making us just a bit closer to becoming first class citizens of this country.

What is real good about this case is the lawyers who are bringing it forth and they are the two lawyers who were on opposites sides of the Bush v Gore fight of 2000. In, David Boies and maybe more importantly Theodore Olsen the gentlemen representing two California couples denied a marriage certificate by the Proposition * ballot initiative.

For those of you not familiar with the Prop 8 the case and why it’s important lets take a minute. A few years ago the California Supreme Court granted all California’s the right to be married, including gays and lesbians to each other. This of course upset some of our countrymen and a ballot initiative was placed on the California election ballot which asked that the voters approve a change to the Californian Constitution disallowing marriage for a select class of individuals ( ie same sex persons) The ballot initiative passed by a 52 – 48 % vote.

Not accepting this ballot imitative as fair to sex same couples, Messer Boies and Olsen filed suit in Federal Court. A Federal Court can over rule a State Court or a state’s constitution if it is found to violate our federal constitution. Messer Boies and Olsen are arguing that Prop. 8 denies their clients "the basic liberties and equal protection under the law that are guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment of the Unites States Constitution." I agree completely.

Now I have to say good-bye to my friends Ryan, of behindcloseddoors, Wolf, of Curious Wolf and Courage of A Beautiful addiction for they have all stopped blogging. Thanks for your time and efforts and I hope see you all on MSN :)

As sad as it to say good-bye to old blogs it is a pleasure to say hello to some new ones;

I would like to start with Teendl whose blog is he My search for love is a young man who has had some issue in life. He is not the happiest person and like many of you is in need of a few friends and some friendly people to talk too on MSN. His email and MSN is on his profile. You should know he is quite depressed so cheer him up if you can or have a few minutes for him.

Nick is back with Simply Nick and I for one are happy to see him back blogging. Nick is a another young man who has some unique challenges in life but he is a good guy and worth reading

WhiteGoods who writes Krisis Point is another young guy who like Nick has recently returned to blogging. He has a few new psots to read but is limited in his posting because he can only blog from the public library. I know he likes to get emails and comments but hey who doesn’t.

I would also like to say to Dodger who has started a new blog called Nexus, Dodger been around for awhile and has been making comments on several blogs.

I hope you all might have some time to visit any of these new bloggers. Also my new followers Judie, my second female follower :), whose blog is Change the Times, is from New Zealand, Fer who hails from Mexico City and his blog is The maudlin story of a bisexual boy, Dave 83201 is 21 and is also is a fairly new blogger who writes Daze Gone Bi. Thanks for taking the time to follow, comment and read.

I appreciate your time today and hope all is well where ever you are. I do believe in gay marriage and that it is close at hand in this country. Its just a matter of time before the courts grant us our rights

Take care and be safe my friends



  1. I hope the lawyers are successful in their cause.

  2. hmm

    "the basic liberties and equal protection under the law that are guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment of the Unites States Constitution"

    seems very similar to the line in the Canadian Constitution which allowed for the legalization of gay marriage here. i think it's paragraph 12(?) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and it says something like "All Canadian citizens are to be treated equally and fairly before, and under the law, no matter thair race, ethnicity, religion, etc etc"

    So the Supreme court decided that not allowing gays to marry members of the same sex violated their right to be treated equally before and under the law.

    Hopefully the US surpreme court will see the same thing :/

    ps- i believe "orientation" has since been added to the paragraph, along with race, gender, religion, and all the others

  3. Hmm, federal supreme court eh? Things are about to get interesting now. *crosses fingers*

  4. I hope the best for the federal court case. Being a California resident, I remember the happiness I felt when same-sex marriage was legalize as well as I remember when that right was abruptly taken away. I remember the bright yellow Yes on 8 signs that included two smiling stick-figure children and a smiling sun in the background. I remember being disgusted with such a happy image related to the removal of rights of citizens of the United States.