Thursday, May 28, 2009

Head on Collision and Plugs

Some of you have asked what do I actually do for a living. so I thought i might try and explain a little. today i had a really good day at work, a case that I was asked to help out in was resolved favorably. A few years ago my client was hit, head on, in a motor vehicle accident and suffered multiple traumas including a broken collarbone, broken jaw and various other contusions of her body. Today, I and another attorney sat in a room with the insurance company’s attorneys along with a mediator and settled this case. We do this instead of going to court, as it will produce a settlement sooner rather than later and if we don’t like the results we can always go to court. Anyone want to guess at the settlement amount? There might be a prize in it for the person who comes closest to the settlement amount.

Originally I went to school to be a patent attorney because I have the engineering background, but let tell you its boring work. Patent are given for new inventions or parts there of. I quit that first job I had at a firm after two months and have developed a practice of my own. I keep everything I make except what I have to give my only partner, the government in taxes.

I rarely get involved with this type of work or criminal work, as I prefer to estate planning and tax avoidance work. I basically teach people how to minimize any estate tax or other tax they may owe upon their deaths. I know how do you get taxed at death, well in America the government wants a piece of you if you die with too much money. If you have an Estate, all your property comprises your estate, then the government places a 50% tax on all monies over 2 million dollars. So to be clear if your mom is worth 3 million dollars when she dies her children get 2.5 Million and the government gets .5 million. My job is to determine a way to let you keep the whole 3 million. I also help people plan to avoid paying for things like nursing home care. Basically if there is a way to minimize any payments owed to the federal government I will show a client how to do it.

I also do some civil Litigation, mostly involving probate which is the transfer of property from a decedent to his beneficiaries. As a side note, now every time I raise in court to make an objection, I have to laugh to myself thinking of something Mboy said one night. Court cases in America take about a year to two years before they are heard in trial at court and quite frankly the cases usually settle, before trial.

Lately due to the economy I have been doing a lot of bankruptcies. I have been talking to banks about trying to stop foreclosure actions and keep people in their homes. But a lot of what I do is simply talking to clients about their options and getting paid for it, it’s almost an enjoyable job sometimes. I highly recommend it to anyone out there. And I want to let you all know if you need some help or have a question please ask, even if you are not from the US I can usually access any countries laws.

New followers are Scotty a 20 year old, he is a friend from youtube, some of you may know him from the 5SortaStraightGuys channel or his own channel and his blog Endless Waltz; Cian a 20 year old, Keys Blog, a new Irish blogger and you got to love the Irish; and RJ, chips and fiasco blog, a16 year from my native state, thank you very much for following. If you watch yuotube give him a look and lets say hi to Cian and RJ, if you have a moment.

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Lets all wish them a warm welcome if you can. Well thanks again for reading and if you have any questions on what I do or a legal question in general, please just ask. On a last note i really want to wish all those suffering to night for what ever reason AJ, Jake, MBoy, Jordan and anyone else going through tough times, I hope your life improves shortly and you can continue blogging or achieving your gaols. We all miss you and hope the best for you.

Thanks for reading take care and be safe



  1. The dark mojo permeating the blogosphere hasn't lifted. It's quite upsetting. :(

  2. God, to live in the life of Bob would be quite interesting. I always wanted to be a lawyer just never thought I could go to a good reputable law school (stupid high school grades/attitude/waste of time).

    I bet you settled that case for... hum... $950,000 to 1.2 million? I think I am aiming to high, but I am pretty sure you have the skills to get that much, haha.


  3. Wow... I knew you were a lawyer, but I was like convinced you worked for JAG, since your name is cvn70, and that's the hull registry number for the USS Carl Vinson.

    Silly me.

  4. Meh. Avoding paying taxes and helping people get away with their money? Naughty, naughty, naughty :)


  5. This is probly wrong but would it be around

    amount of wages lost and multiply it by three.

    There are so many other factors involved that this rule is not very accurate. Obviously a world famous violinist is going to get more than a retired drunk.


  6. hehe bet the government dont like that ^^,

    cheers for the mention too =D


  7. Attorneys!!! bleh!

    but ur a vet so all is good!

  8. BOB ur awesome, I don't understand how you don't have a boy friend lol. Im guessing 800,000 dollars lol. Im prolly not even close but oh well. Yeah I know what you mean about courts. I get suppenyad (no idea how to spell that lol) from tickets I issued almost a year ago, but most of them get resolved before going to court because it cost to much money for having so many people go to court. I hope to talk to ya soon bob

  9. Yeah I think I got it a bit low if someone is throwing out 4 million, haha. How much Bob?


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