Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What About Bob and Marriage

Hello again and I hope you are well today. I got an email the other day and someone indicated they were looking forward to knowing a little about what makes me tick, so I thought I might described a bit about Bob for you all:

EDIT: Sorry I have confused so many but am not writing about myself here rather a friend of mine with the same name.

Bob has hazel eyes and auburn hair;
Bob drives a car from Sweden;
Bob grew up near Boston, Massachusetts USA;
Bob loves to attend sporting events;
Bob is very athletic even till this day, and he has the cutest butt;
Bob also has the cutest dimples;
Bob went to one of this countries bests business schools to get his masters degree, and I am not telling you which one;
Bob has never used drugs;
Bob used to have a Mohawk and an earring;
Bob used to have a six-pack but time has smoothed his abs;
Bob used to run long distances; and
My friend Bob doesn’t know how much I love him.

If you had met Bob during our college years when we met I think most of you would have understood how I felt about him, he was just so fit as my English friends say. Bob shares my name but unfortunately not my orientation. You know when you see someone who just makes you stop and stare, well meet Bob. The first time I saw him on campus I just knew I had to get to know him. That turned out to be easy as Bob and I both started out in engineering school. We found ourselves in several courses together. At some point he decided engineering wasn’t for him and he wanted to change majors. I was heart broken and remember trying to get him to change his mind.

As time marches on, I will probably tell you more about Bob as we travel down this road together but I have worked with Bob every day now for the last 15 years. It’s not perfect but every day I get to be with him and have him close. Bob is one of my best friends and loyal to a fault. He really is one of the things that keeps me going and gives me a reason to go to work every day. I hope you all have a friend like Bob someday as he clearly is one thing that makes me tick. Let me know if you have or had a Bob in your life or someone like him even closer to you.

Gay Marriage Update

On a side note, today Maine and last week New Hampshire’s legislators moved bills to legalize Gay Marriage. Rhode Island is now the only state in the New England which hasn’t legalized Gay Marriage or moved to legalized it. Maine and New Hampshire are following up on what Vermont did a couple of weeks ago when Vermont became the fourth state in the nation to legalize gay marriage. New York’s Governor has also submitted a bill to legalize Gay Marriage to his Legislators so New York could be next. California's Supreme Court has until the end of June to announce it position on the appeal of Prop 8. Guys if things go right we could have Gay Marriage eight states before the summer is done. Additionally the District of Columbia (where our nations capital is for all you readers form outside our borders) has agreed with New York and will recognize gay marriages from other states. I think the tide is turning and soon it will be legal through out our nation.

Once again thanks for all the support and I have to apologize to some of you for not having the time to thank all of you who I have not previously met and I will get an email to each of you soon. I have just been busy with real life issues and such. I guess in this economy I should be happy that I am busy but its getting tough out there for a lot of people and declaring bankruptcy appears to be a new trend for so many. So thanks for your patience and support.

And to all my friends’ writing papers, preparing for finals or working hard in any endeavor I would like to join my friend RC, a humorist, artist, a musician and University professor, in wishing you good luck and success. If you haven’t read RC’s blog Mental Doodles as of yet consider adding it your blog list as he posts almost daily and even Torchy reads it. . Lots of love to all and thanks for coming by today!

Take care and be safe



  1. Good to hear about the gay marriage :)

    Psh, who goes to Rhode Island anyway :P


  2. you're doing a nice job describing my neighbor freshman year... weird... you're not him are you? lol

  3. Lol i thought you were talking about yuor self at the start


  4. * Swedish cars rock! (except when they roll)
    * I think you mean the *equal* cutest butt
    * Bring back the mohawk! - can we have a pic? :)
    * Re the 6-pack: funny how time smooths all the hard bits, but wrinkles all the smooth bits. time is a cruel mistress

    interesting reading about your pal Bob. you clearly enjoy his company even tho it's not all you wanted. but looking back, what do you think your personal situation would be like now, if you had lost touch after leaving business school? i'm just wondering if maybe his presence has held you back in some way. i've got nothing to base that on, just pondering and curious.

    i'm honored to be 1 of 2 getting a shoutout :) even tho RC got 3 times more links! lol. he beat me on another blog yesterday too. curses. and what's this about 'even torchy reads it'?? lol. i read *loads* of blogs. so if any1 is reading this and thinks i ought to be reading theirs, they can let me know :)

    enjoy your day Bob

  5. ah... a feelgood post filled with good memories. No wonder the sun is shining today.

    have a good one Bob, whoever you may be :)

  6. LMAO @ Torchy-
    * Re the 6-pack: funny how time smooths all the hard bits, but wrinkles all the smooth bits. time is a cruel mistress

    Made me chuckle to myself... :P

    Thanks for following me

    B xo

  7. Brody=friend for life!

    you guys are pretty awesome too! DUH!

    cool post! :)


  8. @ Jeremy i just think RI will come along soon, after all teddy's boy is the congreeman from there, thanks

    @ goleftatthefork sorry i was describing a friendof mine but it would have been nice to be your neighbor, thanks

    @ Seb you are not the only one i confused, thanks

    @ Torchy, i will think about a pic, and fo rseveral years i hope like others he would be like us but we became such good friends so yea he probably di dhold em back some. and Torchy when isaid you read it i was just pointing how wonderful his blog is :P, thanks

    @ Sethy i hope i didn't confuse you talking about mmy friend Bob, but i hope its sunny where you are too, thanks

    @ Poor Student more people should follow you and Torchy just kills me, i think he writes fo rstand up comedians, thanks

    @ Me, Myself nd My Hand ;P i am glad you have Brody in your life, thanks

  9. Thanks for the plug! There's now a bit of pressure on me, but I'm afraid my life is not that exciting. LOL! It's not! Trust me. :D And apologies to torchy! for beating him to first comments. I needed to pass the time on my 1 1/2 hour-commute.